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Ted Baker Black Friday statistical analysis:

Luxury retailer Ted Baker has seen excellent online growth in the last three years. This has been reflected in their Black Friday statistics with regards to the number of people visiting their website during that period. However, there's a very strange enomly with the statistics which will go into further detail now. List online retailers so large growth between 2013 2014 with regards to Black Friday, further growth in 2015 and then there has been a mixture of increase and decline for 2016, with a greater number in the latter. Ted Baker however, according to statistics, so an excellent jump from 2013-14 and then a 33% decline in 2015. This is highly unusual and makes me suspect that the statistics may not be accurate or they have been collated in a different fashion. Either way, we will assume they're correct from now on. The increase in 2016 surpasses the total for 2014, so this made at their largest ever Black Friday year. Thankfully, ted Baker has adopted the Black Friday holiday and has offered discount clothing on this day.

Ted Baker Black Friday last year:

Ted Baker is one of the most concise sales retailers with a select few discount periods, nearly Black Friday and Boxing Day. Last year's Black Friday took place on the Thursday evening where they offered 30% off a wide range of clothing.

The seal ran over the weekend and finished on Tuesday. Given Ted Baker's black Friday trend we assume that there Black Friday will start on the 23rd of November this year which is also the first day. Additionally, we expect it to run over the weekend and stop soon afterwards. There were greater reductions to be had in the Black Friday sale, however this was on selected items only and sizes were limited and some items. The Black Friday sale took place on christmas Day with up to 50% off selected items.

Ted Baker Black Friday delivery:

Ted Baker has the option of free collection from any of their stores, and additionally they have free delivery on all orders as well. Give me a bus to take advantage of the free delivery as the Black Friday period is going to be very, very busy,

Ted Baker black Friday 2018 summary:

Ted Baker is one of her favourite luxury brands in fact today I wore one of their jackets. Yes it was discounted (wink.) Quality is excellent but you do have to pay a premium for this. That is why the Black Friday sale is so enticing as it gives a discount of 30% on these products. The Black Friday sale is likely to start on Thursday evening, this will give you the best chance to pick up the widest range of goods available. Happy bargain hunting!

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