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Superdry Black Friday statistical analysis:

Last year, the retailer Superdry became the UK's largest mid-range black Friday sale for the younger demographic. A brand on to self, it's stocks trendy clothing which include both men and women's sections. Demand for the sale has increased year on year, and although there was a discount last Black Friday, it could be said that they haven't quite impressed Black Friday to the full. Property statistics make for healthy reading with regards to the number of people who visit the website for Black Friday sales. In 2014 this almost 100000 people go to the site for Black Friday sales. The following year they had a whopping 124% increase in visitors to over 200000. Finally last year, there was a small plateau with an additional 10% traffic in 2016. These numbers late Superdry become the 9th largest Black Friday sale in the UK last year. Which is all the more surprising seeing as their sale was 20% off selected Lines. Additionally, the sale started on Black Friday itself whereas other retailers had started earlier on in the week. We genuinely love Superdry here and would like to see possibly larger discounts on a greater range this year.

Superdry Black Friday and Christmas sales 2016:

November was an especially quiet month first Superdry with regards to discounts, on the 19th they had 3 for 2 on gifts and this was followed up with their Black Friday sale on Thursday evening of the 24th.

As previously mentioned, this was at 20% off selected lines sale. In December Superdry had multiple sales, often featuring a small range of clothing. Some examples would be; 20% off selected hoodies, 20% off selected t-shirt, 20% off selected jackets and 30% off knitwear. Let's lead up to the main sale which is on christmas Eve, this included 50% off winter clothing. Superdry is particularly hard to predict because of the sheer number of sales they have and the small Rangers that are included. However it is safe to say that they will be running a black Friday sale, however we're unsure of the discount percentage and given last year we will assume it will start possibly the night before Black Friday. Additionally, the main sale is likely to start on Boxing Day.

Superdry delivery and collection:

Although there are multiple stores around the country, today unfortunately does not offer collection service from the shops. However, they have the excellent offer of free delivery on all orders, there's more than compensates for us.

Superdry Black Friday 2018 summary:

We are really pleased to see the growth of Superdry and it's burgeoning Black Friday sale. Would obviously like to see a greater discount on the day itself however 20% off may be enough to entice loyal customers to spend on that day. For the average consumer, other cells have larger discount percentages, so they may be better coming back on Christmas Eve for an early Boxing Day sale.

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