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Pull and bear black Friday statistical analysis:

One retailer which could really benefit from a black Friday sale would be pull and bear. This retailer is aimed at the younger demographic, selling mid-range clothes to both men and women. Over the years the demand for Black Friday at pull and Bear has increased year on year, seeing significant gains as time passes. For instance, in 2013 people started looking for the sale, and this number trebled to 9000 in 2014. The following year the experienced growth of 84% up to 16 thousand people. And finally last year, they saw another huge 170% increase in the number of people searching for a pull and bear Black Friday. This is all the more astonishing considering the pull and bear are yet to embrace Black Friday sales. Different companies have different corporate strategies with regards to sales and it appears that pulling beer is one of the few retailers yet to Embrace the Black Friday holiday discount Bonanza. When retailers have high sales on the run up to Christmas so often be reluctant to discount from full price especially on items with lower margins. That is why it has been historically after Christmas, hindi or January sales which have prevailed in the UK, however as we have seen in the last four years retailers have been happy to discount in November offering the potential for customers to buy cheap hair products prior to Christmas. This idea has exploded over the last four years and has become multiple times larger than Boxing Day.

Saying this, retailers like pull and bear do not see the upside yet off the Black Friday sales. Obviously here at Black Friday expert I am anticipating that they may embrace it this year, but this is more of a hope than expectation.

Pull and bear black Friday last year:

As mentioned, there are pull and bear black Friday sale last year, the closest thing we had to assael was a free beanie with all orders on the 11th of November 2016. There was no further word from pool and beer until the 8th of December when they run a 20% off sale on men's and women's products, this ended on the 20th of December. Pull and bear also didn't discount for Boxing Day.

Pull and bear collection and delivery:

With any order you can buy online and collect for free in store, alternatively you can pay for standard delivery for £3.95.

Pull and bear black Friday 2018 summary:

It is rather disappointing that pull and bear haven't been embraced the sales season, as it does not appear to be part of the business model. It is worth noting that they did have a discounted sale from the 8th of December up until the 20th of December 2016, and we expect them to follow the same trend again. As mentioned earlier, the idea of a pull and bear black Friday sale is more of a wish than an expectation here at Black Friday expert.

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