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Mango black Friday statistical analysis by Fiona;

Let me start by saying mangle is one of my favourite clothing retailers, every item I have purchased has been excellent quality and just my style. I didn't learn of this brand until I started researching Black Friday, and I can see I will be keeping my eyes peeled for their next sale. Aimed at women of any age mango is a mid to High range brand with all of the standard including clothing dresses, skirts and tops. The company itself has gone from strength to strength over the past five years and this is reflected in the strong acceleration of Black Friday visitors to their website. In 2014 we had a very respectable 10000 visitors around the Black Friday period according to our statistics. Which makes it even more astonishing that they travelled this number the following year in 2015. This was no fluke, as they added an extra 20% bringing it to 36000 visitors around the Black Friday time last year. Mango was our 38th largest Black Friday sale last year from the 475 shops we look at. Just sneaked into the top 12 women's fashion retailers for Black Friday.

Last year's Black Friday sale at mango;

Throughout November there were no discounts available from mango prior to Black Friday. This was a simple unusual strategy for fashion retailers as many others like a x Paris and New Look frequently discount various parts their website. But this one is definitely worth the wait, as on the 25th, the Friday, mango featured 20% off everything in their store.

This included 20% off existing outlet items. The sale went on for the weekend and we believe it finished on Wednesday. It appears that the discount on Black Friday is not to get rid of old stock so if you're looking for new trains at a cheaper price this maybe the Black Friday sale for you. If you wait until three days before Christmas mango features a sale which has up to 50% off many end of season Lines. The sales are fundamentally different in nature. As I said I am looking forward to shopping the sale when Black Friday comes.

Mango delivery:

You cannot collect from the mango shop on Black Friday however there is a lower limit of £30 spend for free delivery on your order. If you purchase an item under £30, delivery hero cost £2.95.

Mango black Friday summary:

Mango has seen strong growth year on year and it'll be highly impressive if this year's sales figures match those of last year. Perhaps their strategy of saving the sale for Black Friday yourself as opposed to general sales throughout November creates a larger demand and focus for their Black Friday sale. Additionally, does 20% off sale is relatively easy to implement as it is site wide and they don't have to discount items individually. It appears to be a company which takes advantage of Black Friday itself without going to a great expense bye convoluting sale prices.

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