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Black Friday Watch Deals Buying Guide


The size of your watch should be in proportion to the size of your wrist. I have 6-1/2-inch wrist size, so what does this mean? It means I should wear a smaller watch. 38mm 40mm and 42mm watches work for me. Below are five points I think every man should be thinking about when looking for a watch:


38mm and 40mm are the most common diameters you will find out there. The highest is 50mm in some cases, but normally 45mm and 46mm are going to be a bit larger.


The next thing you want to look at, is the case thickness which is often directly correlated to the case diameter. Case thickness has a history of the thinner it was, the more high-end watch it was perceived to be. This goes back to mechanical watches when thinner watches were believed to require more work and therefore more valuable. However, we have moved away from this with electronic watches and watches with a more for a fashionable look. Sometimes you will see a thick diameter, 46mm or 45mm and it will have a 9mm or 10mm thickness. I personally like it when a watch gets smaller in the diameter, the thickness goes down as well. You want to find what works for you and what works proportionally looking good on your wrist.


The third point that you want to pay attention to is the band width. Usually you take the case diameter, divide it by two and this will give you approximately the width of the band you would like to see. The lug width often determines the width of the band. This can be anywhere from 18mm to almost 30mm. but you can get some that are going to be wider. I personally don’t like wide bands, as I have got a smaller wrist. If you have larger wrist and you like larger watches, you can also go with larger bands. Going with too large of a band on a smaller diameter watch can often throw the proportions off.


Leather is going to often give a slimmer leaner look. Metal bands are going to look heavier.


You want your watch to look good, so you need to look at all the other components. On the crown, you want to look and see if there is a pusher. This usually means it will be a more complicated watch. You also want to look at the hands, as they become thicker on heavier watches. Numbers also get larger giving the illusion of a larger, heavier watch. If you prefer a simpler watch, look for a more streamlined look. Be careful of adding too many components on a smaller diameter watch as it will make the watch look bigger and therefore a bit clumsy.