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1 Debenhams 3 for 2 On Gifts 05/11/2018 50% Visit Sale
2 Argos Save Up to 25% On Selected Baby and Toddler Essentials 21/01/2019 25% Visit Sale
3 Currys Save Up to 600 GBP On Smart TVs 31/10/2018 50% Visit Sale
4 Littlewoods Up to 40% Off Selected Home and Electricals 21/01/2019 40% Visit Sale
5 Up to 40% Off Selected Home and Electricals 21/01/2019 40% Visit Sale
6 Ebuyer Daily Deals: Save Up to 40% 04/04/2018 40% Visit Sale
7 JD Williams Up to 40% Off Christmas at Home 21/01/2019 40% Visit Sale

Black Friday Vacuum Deals Buying Guide


We have assessed uprights, cylinders, stick backs and even robots to help you find the best vacuum. Whether you have a tiny flat, have vast amounts of carpet or are a pet owner, we will help you identify the vacuums most effective at cleaning up all that hair. This guide will arm you with the expert knowledge to pick the style or model that best suits your needs. The first decision is whether to get an upright or cylinder.


Uprights generally deep clean carpets better than cylinders and they typically cost less, but uprights are heavier, many of the best weigh 20 pounds or more. Our tests show that some take more effort to push and pull than others.


Cylinder vacuums can weigh a lot too, but you’re mostly moving just the hose and power head not the whole machine. Cylinders also have the edge when it comes to manoeuvring on stairs and the long hose is great for those hard-to-reach areas.


With both cylinders and uprights, you need to decide whether to bag or not to bag. A bag-less vacuum collects dirt in a built-in bin, but it can be messy to empty. You’ll also need to replace any non-washable filters each year which can be as expensive as the bags for an upright or cylinder. Keep these features in mind.


A switch to stop the roller brush from spinning is handy when cleaning bare floors to limit scattering dirt and debris. One of the biggest complaints we hear about is with the belt that turns the roller brush, they tend to break. There are some beltless models available.


Manual height adjustment is another convenient feature. It lets you raise or lower the power head to better match the height of your carpet. Some vacuums adjust automatically but our tests show vacuums with a manual control tend to deep clean carpets better.


Do not be tempted to buy extra tools, most vacuums come with the ones you need, like a narrow edge tool for cleaning corners and a brush for dusting.


Noise can be an issue vacuums. Our tests show uprights tend to be a little noisier. For quieter models, sales of robotic vacuums continue to rise.


While many are the co-stars of plenty of YouTube videos, they can do more than give cats a ride! Our tests show they do clean, although they don’t match the best uprights and cylinders. Some robotic vacuums move methodically across the floor. In a single pass, they can cover a standard room in 15 to 20 minutes. Multipass robots travel in a random pattern and can take up to two hours, but our tests show they do a better job. You’ll also want to keep an eye on these little robots the first few times to make sure they don’t get tangled up in anything or stuck under the furniture.


For quick cleaning, you may want to consider a stick back. They weigh much less than uprights and many are battery-powered. They are best for surface and quick pick-up jobs. But no stick back we have tested is good at cleaning carpets or even floors.