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1 Debenhams Black Friday 3 for 2 On Gifts 05/11/2018 50% Visit Sale
2 Mamas And Papas Black Friday 25% Off Winter 05/11/2018 25% Visit Sale
3 Cath Kidston Black Friday Mid Season Sale: An Extra 10% Off 18/10/2018 60% Visit Sale
4 Argos Black Friday Save Up to 25% On Selected Baby and Toddler Essentials 07/11/2018 25% Visit Sale
5 Littlewoods Black Friday Up to 40% Off Selected Home and Electricals 07/11/2018 40% Visit Sale
6 Marks and Spencer Black Friday Free Bottle of Wine with 85 GBP Spend On Xmas Food 01/11/2018 50% Visit Sale
7 Laura Ashley Black Friday 30% Off Everything 02/11/2018 30% Visit Sale
8 Desigual Black Friday 20% Off When You Buy 2 Items 01/11/2018 20% Visit Sale
9 Joules Black Friday 20 GBP Off When You Spend 100 GBP 31/10/2018 20% Visit Sale
10 Emma Bridgewater Black Friday Free Halloween Mug When You Spend 40 GBP 01/11/2018 50% Visit Sale

Black Friday TV Deals Buying Guide

Black Friday TV Deals 2018 Buying Guide

Television technology is changing fast and this guide will help you make the best decision when buying your next model this Black Friday. TV manufacturers have phased out the production of plasmas. Despite their high performance they couldn’t compete price-wise with LCDs.

Black Friday LCD TVs

If you’re looking for a new Black Friday TV you’ll likely land up with an LCD. All TV brands offer LCD models and screen sizes ranging from about 20 inches to 90 inches. These sets are often referred to as LED TVs because they have LED backlights which have replaced older fluorescent ones. The LEDs also allow LCD TVs to be very thin and energy-efficient while still producing bright vibrant images. Many LCD TVs still have narrow viewing angle, which means you’ll notice colours look washed out and blacks look more like grey if you’re not sitting directly in front of the TV. LCD TVs also tend to blur during fast-moving scenes known as motion blur, which is why some manufacturers tout higher refresh rates on certain models. For example: 120 Hertz means the image is updated 120 times a second, 240 Hertz 240 times a second: but we found that a higher number doesn’t guarantee better performance.

Black Friday OLED TVs

OLED stands for organic light-emitting diodes, unlike LCD TVs that require a backlight, OLED pixels give out their own light when hit with an electric current. OLED TV colours are vibrant, the picture is bright and the black levels are truly black: that contrast allows images to really pop off the screen. What we like about OLED is that it delivers on the deep black levels and the bright picture we’ve come to expect from LCD TVs. Right now, OLED Black Friday TVs are still pricey and rare, especially larger size sets and models with ultra-high definition screens. But we expect prices to fall as more manufacturers enter the OLED market.

Black Friday UHD TVs

Ultra-high definition TVs or UHD TVs for short will be making their way into more homes thanks to lower prices. Almost all our LCDs but UHD TVs have higher resolutions, with four times the number of pixels of regular high-definition TVs, so they have the potential to deliver razor-sharp detail with the right content. That programming is known as 4k content and right now there’s not a lot of it out there, but more 4k movies and TV shows are coming, especially from streaming video services like Netflix. In the meantime, you can still view regular HD programs on your UHD TV, you just won’t get that extra detail you’d see with 4k content.

Black Friday CURVED TVs

Any of these types of Black Friday TVs come in both flat and curved models. TV manufacturers market their curved TVs as providing a more immersive viewing experience, but in our labs we found that curved models don’t really offer much advantage over flat ones, especially in the screen sizes most people would have in their homes. If you’re planning on mounting your set on the wall just remember curved models won’t sit flat.


Most people may think the size of their room really determines what size of television they should buy, what’s more important is the distance you’ll be sitting from the screen. As a rule of thumb, your closest seating distance should be about one and a half times the diagonal length of your screen, so if your favourite spot is eight feet away from your TV, you can consider buying one as big as 60 inches. But if you get an ultra high-def TV the finer image detail means you can get a bigger TV without moving further away from the set.


Display resolution is the total number of pixels in a screen TVs with more pixels have the potential to display greater detail. Most TVs these days have 1920 by 1080 resolution screenings for just 1080p for short that means there are 1920 pixels going across the screen and 1080 pixels from top to bottom. Some less expensive models may have 720p resolution which is fine for screen smaller than 40 inches, however you’ll probably want a 1080p set for the best detail or if you also plan to use it as computer monitor. But resolution is just one of several display attributes that contribute to picture quality, also look at a TVs brightness, colour accuracy, black level and contrast. These are some of the most important aspects of picture quality. We realise you wonÂ’t be able to see such physical attributes when shopping for Black Friday TV Deals online, so we recommend looking for reviews on popular consumer websites and YouTube.


As TVs get thinner sound quality suffers because there’s just not enough room for decent speakers. While many thin TVs can deliver sound that’s fine for most sitcoms and new shows, if you were able to deliver the sonic excitement of action shows or movies you may consider adding a sound bar speaker that can do justice to the Black Friday TVs great picture.


Do you want access to online content directly from your TV then you’ll want a Smart Black Friday TV. These sets have built in technology allowing you to access the internet via your home’s Wi-Fi or direct broadband connection. From there you can usually access a wide variety of movies and original shows from streaming content services such as Amazon, Instant Video and Netflix as well as watch videos on YouTube and listen to online music channels. Some models let you download new apps, visit social media sites or browse the web on a budget.

Just looking for a basic TV, you can always purchase a separate streaming media player later such as Apple TV or Google Chromecast. With many of the same features some TVs also have what’s called Miracast technology that will let you wirelessly mirror content including photos and email from a portable device such as a smartphone tablet or laptop directly onto your TV.


When it comes to the connections on your TV consider what devices you’ll be hooking up and make sure the TV has enough of the right type of connections. For example, your Blu-ray player or gaming console would be connected with an HDMI cable, but devices like older DVD players or even VCRs use component or composite cables. Those go in the red green and blue or yellow ports for video along with the red and white for audio in the back of your TV. Don’t waste your money buying expensive HDMI cables when it comes time to hook up your gear, we found that modestly priced brands sold at most consumer electronics stores and online can do the trick.


When you want to watch 3D content you’ll have to switch your set into 3D mode and wear special 3D glasses. How well TV handles 3D content can vary widely between models. Seeing as this technology is being phased out, you may find a few bargain 3D Black Friday TV Deals in 2018.


It’s generally not worth the money to buy an extended warranty for TV. For most major brands, our surveys have found that TVs have been reliable and if there is a problem it often occurs in the first year when the TV is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Rather than paying for the extended coverage, use a credit card that doubles your warranty or ask retailers if they supplement a standard manufacturer’s warranty.