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Rank Store Sale Start Date % Link
1 Under Armour 30% Off Everything! 21/10/2018 30% Visit Sale
2 Michael Kors 20% Off Everything! 21/10/2018 20% Visit Sale
3 Debenhams Up to 50% Off Black Friday Sale! 20/11/2017 50% Visit Sale
4 Pull and Bear 20% Off All Clothes and 30% Off Shoes! 21/10/2018 50% Visit Sale
5 Asos 20% Off Everything! 21/10/2018 60% Visit Sale
6 The White Company White Weekend: 20% Off almost Everything! 21/10/2018 20% Visit Sale
7 Anthropologie 30% Off Everything! 21/10/2018 50% Visit Sale
8 Gant 20% Off Selected Items! 21/10/2018 20% Visit Sale
9 Superdry 20% Off Everything! 20/11/2017 20% Visit Sale
10 House Of Fraser Black Friday Sale Event: 40% Off! 17/11/2017 40% Visit Sale

Black Friday Trainers Deals Buying Guide


To get a good workout you need great shoes Luckily there is a huge variety of walking, running and cross-training shoes deals this Black Friday. But what makes this shoe fall into a certain category and which kind is right for your activity level.


Because walking and running are very similar activities, it is easy to see why a lot of people think the shoes are interchangeable. However, when you are walking, your weight gets distributed more evenly than when you are running, so walking shoes are designed with this in mind. Reebok flex walk cloud ride walking shoes are a good example. They are very lightweight and provide the right amount of support with more flexibility.


The first step to buying running shoes is understanding your gait. Your gait is defined by how your foot comes in contact with the ground during your stride. You can determine your gait by using the wet foot test. Get your bare foot wet, then step onto a piece of paper and look at your foot print. If you see a lot of your foot print, you will want to look for a shoe with more stability. If you only see a little bit of your foot print, try light weight or more flexible shoes. If you see a classic shaped footprint, you are a neutral runner. Centralised, balanced, cushioning shoes are great for those with a neutral stride, like Nike Zoom wind flow. Running shoes also tend to be made with more mesh, this keeps your feet cool while you’re going for miles.


Cross-training includes activities like: weight training, basketball or kickboxing. Basically, any aerobic exercise that involves side to side movements. Cross trainers have wide soles to provide more stability and tread with extra grip. We love Nike flex trainer


The style you require depends on your workout routine. If you are into walking, running and cross-training, it is smart to have a different pair for each activity. This will keep you from wearing down one pair. With every type of activity, we hope the right pair of shoes helps you take your workout to the next level.