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1 Converse Classic Chucks for 45 GBP and Free Delivery 20/11/2017 25% Visit Sale
2 Charles Tyrwhitt 15% Off Everything + Free Delivery! 21/10/2018 65% Visit Sale
3 Debenhams Up to 50% Off Black Friday Sale! 20/11/2017 50% Visit Sale
4 All Saints 30% Off Everything! 21/10/2018 30% Visit Sale
5 Karen Millen 25% Off Everything! 21/10/2018 75% Visit Sale
6 Lipsy 50% Off Sale Items! 21/10/2018 50% Visit Sale
7 Pull and Bear 20% Off All Clothes and 30% Off Shoes! 21/10/2018 50% Visit Sale
8 The White Company White Weekend: 20% Off almost Everything! 21/10/2018 20% Visit Sale
9 Zara Up to 50% Discount plus Ł12 Off Black Friday! 21/10/2018 50% Visit Sale
10 Anthropologie 30% Off Everything! 21/10/2018 50% Visit Sale

Black Friday Shoes Deals Buying Guide


When you are looking to buy a new pair of dress shoes you will go to the store, try a few pairs on. You find a pair that you really like, they feel okay but the leather is definitely a bit stiff. The shoes look amazing and you are thinking to yourself “after I break these bad boys in, they are going be just as comfortable as they are good looking” But be warned, if your shoes need to be broken in to be comfortable, you should not buy them. There is a very common misconception that dress shoes need to be broken in to make them comfortable and wearable. This is absolutely a style myth, it is not the case. and so today Here are a few tips and tricks to make sure that the Black Friday shoes you buy are comfortable right from the start:


When trying on a new pair of shoes, regardless of its dress shoes or sneakers, is to find the tiled area in the store and walk on that. Most shoe stores have carpet which gives the false illusion of comfort. It is best to walk on the hardest surface you can find, test them out there as this will give you a more realistic idea of the comfort of those shoes.


Make sure that you’re wearing the type of socks or stockings that you will be wearing with the shoes you are purchasing. If they are dress shoes and you normally wear dress socks make sure that you bring a pair of dress socks into the store. Too many times men will start reasoning with their feet by saying “these will be comfortable if I just put thinner socks on” Realistically, if you have got to wear hiking socks for your shoes to be comfortable, they are not the shoes for you.


Are the shoes too tight? It is true that leather will stretch. Soft leather will stretch faster a little bit more than the harder leather. The fact is, if they are too tight on your smallest toe when you’re trying them on, don’t buy the shoes. This means that the toe box is definitely too narrow for you move on. Is the heel slipping, is there unneeded wiggle room in that heel when you walk? Your heel needs to fit just as well as the rest of the shoe. Is there sufficient cushion or arch support in the shoe?


If you wear orthotics or inserts, bring a pair with you. You will then know that there is enough room for your foot and the insert.


If the shoes you choose have any type of metal buckle or detail, you need to take that shoe in your hand and tap it to listen if anything is clanging. On cheap shoes, you will hear it and so when you wear them, every step you take you could sound like a cowboy wearing spurs. Quality shoes will have no sound.


Your new shoes should be comfortable right from the start: you should be able to put them on and go to the office now. Will they get increasingly comfortable as you wear them? Yes, because shoes do break in: you should not need plasters to make them feel comfortable!