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1 Debenhams Up to 50% Off Black Friday Sale! 20/11/2017 50% Visit Sale
2 Zavvi Up to 50% Off Black Friday! 25/09/2018 50% Visit Sale
3 Argos Up to 50% Off Black Friday Event! 15/11/2017 50% Visit Sale
4 Game Black Friday Sale Now On! 17/11/2017 50% Visit Sale
5 Currys Up to 50% Off Black Friday Event Now On! 13/11/2017 50% Visit Sale
6 Littlewoods Black Friday Event Now On! 13/11/2017 50% Visit Sale

Black Friday PC Deals Buying Guide


There is no absolute right way to buy a Black Friday PC 2017, here are some of your main options:


Pre-built tier one PC’S, particularly at the low-end pricing, are a better buy on what you can achieve building it for yourself. There is also the reassurance of warranty and technical support.


The advantages of a custom or boutique builder are:

  • Customizability, many boutique builders offer extensive options for the different components they can install and if you’re willing to do a little bit of learning about the parts, you can get something that’s just right for you, even if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of assembling it
  • Quality, if you’re buying a mid-range to high-end custom system from a reputable builder, they are using better components than any tier one commodity system. Your PC will likely run cooler, be quieter and last longer.
  • Time, it takes a long time troubleshooting a PC, this is especially true if you don’t have a garage full of spare parts to use for diagnosing an issue.


  • You save money
  • There is infinite customizability and upgrade ability, because you have been through the gauntlet of actually building it in the first place, you never have to be afraid of it again. Upgrading is easy, just set aside some cash and some space in a closet for a graphics card bucket.
  • Community, the PC enthusiast community is a great one to be a part of.

There are risks associated with building it yourself and you will have no one else to point to if you break something, but at least you will find others who have been there before to help you through it. I find the benefits outweigh the risks. If you want to get over the fear of opening up your PC case and building a PC for the first time, you can consult retailers who offer an assembly service. You might not get the same degree of TLC that you do from a boutique builder making up the system, but you will save a lot of money. You still get the individual warranties on the components, a really good service and a great way to get a truly custom grade PC without getting your hands dirty.