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7 Up to 40% Off Selected Home and Electricals 21/01/2019 40% Visit Sale
8 Iwoot 3 for 20 GBP On Gifts 05/11/2018 50% Visit Sale
9 Ebuyer Daily Deals: Save Up to 40% 04/04/2018 40% Visit Sale

Black Friday Microwave Deals Buying Guide


Microwave ovens can be loaded with features: –

  • Some offer convection cooking to let you bake a roast or a grill
  • An option for top browning food like grilled cheese
  • but the key uses are defrosting and reheating

We warmed cold mashed potatoes and fitted them with temperature probes to measure how evenly a microwave heats your food. Some microwaves do not do the basics of heating or defrosting well, even though they have more advanced features such as convection or speed cooking. When you are choosing a microwave, the next thing to think about is worktop space.


If you have got plenty to spare, roughly three to four square feet, then a microwave that sits on the worktop is your lowest cost option. It plugs into an ordinary socket but be sure it’s dedicated to the microwave, so you don’t trip the circuit breaker.


But if you can’t give up worktop space an over the cooker microwave is a good choice. It takes the place of a cooker hood. But even the best does not capture smoke heat and odours well, whichever style and size of microwave you choose.


Bring a large platter from home to make sure it fits and still allow the turntable to move. Manufacturer’s report the total volume of the interior. Once you pick the type of microwave you need, consider the features you want.

  • A sensor is convenient as it turns off the microwave when the food is done, to help prevent under or over cooking.
  • Shortcut keys take the guesswork out of cooking popular foods like popcorn, but think twice about shortcut settings for food you do not eat often.
  • Also consider whether you will really use features like convection cooking grilling and browning, before paying extra for them.