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Black Friday Fridge Freezer Deals Buying Guide


If you are replacing a fridge freezer that fits between or beneath kitchen units, measure carefully to make sure the new model will work in the same space and allow for door clearance.


Black Friday Fridge freezers with the freezer on top are the most popular and the least expensive. You will get pull outs and enough space in the door to hold containers. Their wide shelves give you a lot of nice open storage although the bottom shelves can be a little hard to reach. The single wide door requires a lot of clearance.


American-style models are a good fit for narrow kitchens because they take up the least space with their doors open. Most American-styles come with a door ice and water dispenser Although this is the feature most requested by buyers, fridge freezers with it, require far more repairs than those without it.


Fridge freezers with the freezer on the bottom are the fastest growing category by far. Your fresh foods are within easy reach but you will need to bend a bit to access your freezer items. There are single or French door models: with two narrow doors, an advantage if you want to just take something out of one side and let less cold air out. There are also four door bottom freezers now: they typically have a pull-out middle drawer with adjustable temperatures making them a great place to store everything from drinks to fruit and vegetables.


Kitchen unit depth fridge freezers are designed to be flush to the worktops, with the doors usually extending past the worktop. These fridge freezers are shallow, about 29 to 30 inches deep. Kitchen unit depth fridge freezers are available as American-style and French door style.


Integrated fridge freezers are designed to fit flush with your kitchen units. They are available with bottom freezers or American-styles. Because of their shallower depths, usually 24 or 25 inches, they offer less storage space. Fridge freezer columns are a new subcategory of Integrateds with drawers that mount beneath the worktop or island. They are attractive and convenient but expensive. They are not very energy-efficient with small amount of room.


Manufacturers suggest buying 19 to 22 cubic feet for a family of four and most people buy one that holds 20 to 25 cubic feet. But if you do a big weekly shopping trip or stock up on bulk items, you might need more space. Top freezer models offer the least amount of space: from 10 to 25 cubic feet. Bottom freezers can run from 17 to 25 cubic feet. Shallower kitchen unit depth models range from 12 to 25 cubic feet. The largest capacity is found in big Integrateds that range from 12 to 30 cubic feet. American-styles with 19 to 30 and French door models with the freezer on the bottom up to 34 cubic feet of space inside.


It is a good idea to monitor the temperature if you’re storing perishables like milk. We found that some maintain temperatures well, but even the most efficient compact fridge freezers can use nearly as much energy as a full-sized model. To keep food fresh, your fridge freezer should maintain a consistent 37 degrees Fahrenheit. The meat compartment should be 32 degrees, and your freezer should be kept at zero. Ice maker models with dual evaporators, tend to maintain higher humidity levels in the fresh food section, which can keep your vegetables fresh longer. Instead of circulating freezing dry air from the freezer into the fridge freezer, the fridge freezer compartment has its own cooling system. This can also keep fridge freezer odours from migrating to your freezer and vice versa. Other features you’ll come across have less to do with actual refrigeration and more to do with coolness.